A Step-by-Step Guide Using ERP for Rapid Recovery

Are you struggling with OCD or Pure O? Do obsessive thoughts, rituals, and compulsions take over your life? Has it been hard to find a specialist in OCD and ERP to help you? Would you like to learn a simple 3-step process to treat your OCD from an OCD Specialist? If you want to get your life back from OCD or Pure O, this course is for you.


Stop OCD and Pure O from
Taking Over Your Life

You have suffered long enough.
Now is the time for you to get your life back from OCD.

You are struggling and exhausted from your obsessions and compulsions. OCD affects your mood, demands your time, robs you of joy in life, and steals your time with your friends and family. All you need is a simple method and an expert guide. Someone to show you what to do. Now is the time to take action. It is your time to get your life back and treat your OCD.


By the end of this course, you'll have...

  • Effective therapy skills to treat OCD and improve your ability to tolerate anxiety.
  • Living your life with renewed hope, more joy and peace of mind.
  • An easy to use 3-Step ERP Process to get unstuck from your OCD themes.
  • Increased confidence in yourself and your ability to tolerate uncertainty and anxiety.
  • A unique method to rise above your OCD themes to maintain your gains in recovery.

OCD Subthemes Reviewed in This Course Include...

  • Contamination OCD
  • Just Right Feeling OCD
  • Checking OCD
  • Health Anxiety OCD
  • Ordering and Symmetry OCD
  • Perfection OCD
  • Counting OCD
  • Lucky & Unlucky Numbers OCD
  • Pure O OCD
  • Relationship OCD
  • Harm OCD
  • Scrupulosity OCD
  • Real Event & False Memory OCD
  • Sexual Orientation & Identity OCD
  • Sexual Obsession & Pedophilia OCD
  • Existential OCD

3 Reasons Why
This Course May Be For You


You are distressed, anxious and exhausted

Obsessions and physical or mental compulsions make life challenging and exhausting. OCD robs you of your energy and controls your moods, thoughts, and behaviors. The condition may get worse over time without effective treatment.



Specialized help seems impossible to find

There is an extreme shortage of specialized OCD and ERP therapists. Less than 10% of people with OCD find effective treatment. Individual therapy is costly and unattainable for most people with OCD.



OCD is taking over your life

OCD and Pure O may negatively impact your work, school, social life, and ability to experience joy and peace of mind.



"What's the Difference Between One-on-One Sessions and On-Demand Video Sessions?"

I designed this course to feel like you are having personal therapy with me. While most people may at first wish to work with me one-on-one, they quickly learn just how effective the course is at reducing their symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Online courses allow a wonderful environment to learn therapy tools and skills in an organized process and cost much less than in-person therapy. I created this course due to a shortage of specialized OCD therapists.And you deserve evidence-based, effective treatment to manage and promote sustained recovery from OCD and regain your peace of mind and your life.






Therapy Techniques Based on Neuroscience Research

Evidence-Based Therapy Tools and Techniques

Learn therapy techniques from CBT, ACT and ERP to retrain your brain.

Build New Neuropathways

Learn to override your fear by creating new neural networks of safety.

Gold-Standard for OCD Treatment

Learn 4 methods of ERP for OCD and ERP examples for over 18 different subtypes of OCD and Pure O.

The Proven 3-Step Process
of ERP for Treatment of OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder causes debilitating suffering, obsessive thoughts, physical and/or mental compulsions that can impact almost every area of your life. I will guide you through a 3-Step Process of ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention) to get unstuck from your OCD themes. Then, you will learn how to rise above your theme so that you can get back to enjoying your life.


What Scares You? Obsessions and Fears

An effective ERP plan targets your specific fears and obsessions through exposures. Many therapists overlook identifying core fears, or what is at the core of your OCD. In Step One, I will guide you through identifying your internal and external fear triggers and your underlying core fear using easy-to-use fillable PDF worksheets and instructional videos.


What Calms You? Compulsions, Avoidances and Accommodations

The cycle of OCD is maintained and fueled by physical and mental compulsions, rituals, avoidance behaviors, and accommodations by others. In step 2, I will guide you through identifying the obvious and more subtle rituals and ways you attempt to calm yourself or get relief when OCD strikes.


Putting Your Personal ERP Plan into Action

After learning how ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention) works, and how to do 4 different types of exposures, I will guide you in creating your own unique ERP plan. The fillable PDF form, ERP & Exposure Tracking Form makes it so easy to plan and track every exposure. I will teach you all the tricks of how to make your ERP more effective.


Course Extras

Sustaining Recovery: Rise Above Your OCD Theme Recovery with ERP

Recovery from OCD means getting unstuck from your OCD theme. An OCD theme or subtype may be contamination OCD, checking OCD, relationship OCD, or many others. I cover over 18 common OCD themes or subtypes in the course and how to get unstuck from those themes.

Once unstuck, you will transition your ERP to a global or macro perspective and technique. This is a unique element of my course based on my experience treating people with OCD for the past 20 years. This shift from theme-based to a global treatment of OCD promotes relapse prevention and continued recovery.

Medications for OCD, Troubleshooting ERP, Recovery Tips, and More

You will learn about medications recommended for OCD, suggested dosing, and what medications are not helpful. You will learn the common mistakes made in ERP and how to avoid them. And finally, you will be equipped with a plan for relapse prevention and a list of the best resources for added support and information.


Kind Words

"I feel significantly better than I have in years..."


“I took the course for my intrusive thoughts. I feel significantly better than I have in years. I feel as though my mind is at peace. It feels like I have a new superpower that I can use forever. Thanks again for all your help!” 

~ Thom H.

"This course was a godsend..."


“This course was a godsend for my son, who has OCD. He loves Paige’s methods and took off with the 3-step method right away. He loves the days when he does incidental ERP. I can see his progress every day and how much happier he is.”

~ Lynn P.

"My OCD is no longer in charge"


"I couldn’t find a specialist and I was so fed up with my OCD. I am so thankful that I took this course. My OCD is no longer in charge. I am definitely in charge. As dramatic as it sounds, I feel like I have just reclaimed my life back from OCD.”

~ Neil A.

Included with Your Course

18+ Different OCD & Pure O Subtypes Covered

Video & Audio Lessons

Progress Worksheets

A Supportive
Online Community

Yes, life-altering change is possible.

But you have to take action. 

You’ve had enough. You can’t seem to alter those life-inhibiting behaviors on your own. You fall back on the old, familiar patterns and reactions. If only there was a formula, a flow chart, a step-by-step plan. You’ve reached a critical level, ready to do anything; ready to do whatever it takes. Your journey of change is possible with a supportive guide. You will develop a trusting relationship with an experienced, compassionate therapist.

I am here to support you on your journey by applying the latest neuroscience brain research, proven to be key in the process of replacing old thought and behavior patterns. Are you ready to do the work? A supportive, collaborative process involving creativity and science awaits you.    

Have a question about this course? Contact me 


$397 USD

  • An easy to follow 3-STEP Process for ERP to Treat OCD & Pure O
  • Instruction from an OCD Specialist, certified in ERP with 20 years of experience
  • ERP for 18+ Common OCD Subtypes and How to Personalize Your ERP Treatment
  • Easy to use, fillable PDF worksheets that do the work for you
  • Video and audio lessons to download for easy, on-the-go listening
  • Over $5000 worth of therapy instruction, training, therapy tools, and techniques


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More Kind Words

"It changed my life."


“This course really helped me get my OCD under control. It changed my life. I am so thankful that Paige’s course is available for people like me that desperately need therapy, but can not find affordable help.” 

~ Louis H.

"...not as scared or helpless anymore."


“Relief. That’s the main feeling. The urges and thoughts are not as strong anymore. But, I feel relieved in knowing what to do and not as scared or helpless anymore. I hope that sharing my feelings will encourage someone on the fence to take this course so that they can also feel this relief.”

~ Ariel M.

"The worries have nowhere to go..."


"My OCD is living a very small life because of this course. The worries have nowhere to go, and I am not feeding them anymore. I think about what I want to do now, and not what OCD wants me to do. This course is powerful.”

~ Colin L.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you wondering if you have OCD or Pure O?

Are you experiencing unwanted thoughts, images or sensations? Do you have urges, rituals, mental or physical compulsions? Take this free assessment to see if you might be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.