A Step-by-Step Guide to Stop Worrying and Reclaim Your Life

Are you struggling with constant, obsessive worries about your health? Are you experiencing high anxiety and bodily sensations and symptoms that cause you to avoid the activities that you love? I can help you get back to enjoying your life again with Rapid Recovery from Health Anxiety: A Step-by-Step Guide to Stop Worrying and Reclaim Your Life.


Stop Worrying About Your Health 
and get back to your old self

If you have relentless worries about your health and avoid people, places and activities because of those concerns, you are not alone. Your health worries may be focused on your heart or developing cancer or having a stroke, or any number of other threatening medical conditions. Whether you have a diagnosed medical condition or not, how you respond to your health anxiety makes all the difference. I specialize in treating people with health anxiety and can help you lower your anxiety, reduce your suffering and get back to enjoying your life.


By the end of this course, you'll have...

  • Effective therapy skills to reduce your health worries, suffering and anxiety.
  • Living your life with renewed hope, more joy and peace of mind.
  • Reduced compulsions of bodily symptom checking, avoiding and reassurance seeking.
  • Increased confidence in yourself and your ability to tolerate uncertainty and anxiety.

3 Reasons Why
This Course May Be For You


You have recurring health worries

It is normal to have an occasional health concern, but it is abnormal to have obsessive health worries that cause suffering that impacts your daily life, your activities or your relationships.



You check on bodily symptoms

Health Anxiety often includes excessive bodily symptom checking such as monitoring your heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, blood oxygen, skin texture, throat appearance and more.



You avoid activities and travel

Health worries often cause people to shrink their lives. They begin to avoid going places and doing activities they used to enjoy. Their health worries begin to affect their quality of life and their relationships.



"What's the Difference Between One-on-One Sessions and On-Demand Video Sessions?"

I designed this course to feel like you are having personal therapy with me. While most people may at first wish to work with me one-on-one, they quickly learn just how effective the course is at reducing their symptoms of health anxiety. Online courses allow a wonderful environment to learn therapy tools and skills in an organized process and cost much less than in-person therapy. I created this course due to a shortage of specialized OCD therapists. And you deserve evidence-based, effective treatment to recover from health anxiety and regain your peace of mind.






Therapy Techniques Based on Neuroscience Research

Evidence-Based Therapy Tools and Techniques

Learn therapy techniques from CBT, ACT and ERP to retrain your brain.

Build New Neuropathways

Learn to override your fear by creating new neural networks of safety.

Gold-Standard for Health Anxiety Treatment

Learn 4 methods of Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) treatment for Health Anxiety OCD.

The Proven 5-Step Process
for Recovery from Health Anxiety

Health anxiety causes debilitating suffering, persistent worry, physical sensations and body vigilance that impacts almost every area of your life. In this course, I will guide you through a 5-Step Process of recovery so that you can get back to living and enjoying your life.


Education: What You Need to Know About Health Anxiety

In Step 1, you will learn how health anxiety develops, grows and festers, and how to stop the cycle of health anxiety OCD. You will learn about personality traits that are unique to people that suffer from health anxiety that will likely surprise you. The treatment of health anxiety is different than expected. You will discover why traditional talk therapy has not been helpful. And you will learn what is helpful and needed for recovery.


Know Thyself: Begin Your Plan

In Step 2 of the process, you will examine your own anxiety triggers and behaviors that feed your anxiety. There are specific rituals, compulsions, avoidances and safety behaviors that are hurting you. I will guide you on how to identify those behaviors through easy-to-follow worksheets. By identifying your behavior patterns, you will create the foundation for your personal recovery plan so that you can get back to engaging and enjoying your life again.


Response Prevention

Step 3 is the most important step of the process. In Step 3, you will learn all of the ins-and-outs of practicing Response Prevention. If you suffer from Health Anxiety, learning to practice response prevention properly will be your key to unlocking your freedom and feeling like your old self again.


Exposures: What Type is Best for You?

In Step 4, you will learn how to practice 4 different types of Exposure Therapy. You will learn how to create and use exposure scripts, Interoceptive Exposures for bodily sensations or panic attacks, Situational Exposures and Incidental or In-the-Moment Exposures. Exposure therapy is crucially important to build new neuropathways of safety to override your health fears. Step 4 allows you to break free from fear and live your life to the fullest.


Support Systems: Medical Support, Family and Friends

In Step 5, you will learn how to have necessary conversations with your doctors about health anxiety and how to collaboratively create a medical management plan aimed at supporting your recovery. You will also learn how to encourage your family and friends to support your recovery from health anxiety. Step 5 reinforces your recovery and confidence by building healthy support networks in your life.


Kind Words

"...a renewed sense of peace and joy"


“I thought I was the only one with constant health worries. Paige was spot on with what I was experiencing with health anxiety. Thank you Paige for making this course and restoring my life. I have a renewed sense of peace and joy that I haven’t felt in years.” 

~ Jen K.

"Gratitude is not a strong enough word"


“I experienced a trauma and since then, I developed health anxiety OCD. Gratitude is not a strong enough word for having my life back again. My wife has her husband and my kids have their father.”

~ Jim R.

"My heart symptoms decreased dramatically"


“I have had health anxiety for the past 14 years and have worried constantly about my heart. After taking Paige’s course, my heart symptoms and anxiety decreased dramatically. I highly recommend taking Paige’s course. Life changer for me.”

~ Dan P.

Included with Your Course

Video & Audio Lessons

Progress Worksheets

A Supportive
and Accessible Online Community

Yes, life-altering change is possible.

But you have to take action. 

You’ve had enough. You can’t seem to alter those life-inhibiting behaviors on your own. You fall back on the old, familiar patterns and reactions. If only there was a formula, a flow chart, a step-by-step plan. You’ve reached a critical level, ready to do anything; ready to do whatever it takes. Your journey of change is possible with a supportive guide. You will develop a trusting relationship with an experienced, compassionate therapist.

I am here to support you on your journey by applying the latest neuroscience brain research, proven to be key in the process of replacing old thought and behavior patterns. Are you ready to do the work? A supportive, collaborative process involving creativity and science awaits you.    

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$397 USD

  • An easy to follow 5-STEP Proven Process to Recovery
  • Instruction from a specialist with 20 years of experience 
  • Effective exposure scripts and ERP used in real treatment 
  • Easy to use, fillable PDF worksheets to track your progress
  • Video and audio lessons to download for easy, on the go listening
  • Access to a private Support Group called Health Anxiety Recovery


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More Kind Words


“I was surprised to learn that I was doing things that made my health anxiety worse. I felt so much better after learning what to do. I love all of those scripts too.”


- Evelyn N. -

“This course was a game changer for me. Wow…what a difference. I cannot recommend this enough.”


- Kyle -

"“I had been waiting for Paige’s course to come out and I was not disappointed. I love the way she breaks things down into easy to follow steps.”


- Camille -

“My obsessive worries started easing up, my anxiety and body symptoms quieted down, and I feel like my old self again.”


- Raj -

“I wish this was available a long time ago. It is amazing how much better I feel in just a few days.”


- Jamie -

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Are you constantly worrying about your health?

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