A Step-by-Step Guide to Retrain Your Brain, Recover from Panic, and Regain Your Freedom

Do anxiety and panic make you feel unsafe in your own body, wondering if you might have a heart attack or a stroke or completely lose your mind? Do you feel like you have lost your freedom, confidence, and peace of mind to engage in life and go places and do things without constant concern? Have you avoided activities and events out of fear or embarrassment of panicking?

Nothing is worse than feeling unsafe in your body, like you are a victim of your fear and not in control. You have come to the right place. Learn how to take back your freedom from high anxiety, bodily sensations and panic.


Stop Panic Attacks and
the Fear of Bodily Sensations from
Robbing You of Your Life.

You Deserve More!

Have you gone from being able to move around freely to feeling on edge, avoiding activities and situations that make you uncomfortable and anxious? Do you fear specific bodily symptoms and sensations of high anxiety like a rapid heartbeat, palpitations, dizziness, nausea, difficulty breathing, throat sensations, digestion problems, sweating, or feelings of unreality? Do you do everything you can to avoid anxiety and instead try to distract or calm yourself?

Then, this course is for you. I specialize in treating people with anxiety conditions like panic disorder, agoraphobia, and health anxiety. So, let's work together to get you back to being the boss, engaging in life, and enjoying your peace of mind.


By the end of this course, you'll have...

  • Increased confidence and freedom of movement without the constant fear of panic.
  • Reduced sensitivity to bodily sensations and symptoms caused by anxiety and panic.
  • Increased joy of living in the moment and reduced catastrophic "what-if" predictions and worry.  
  • Increased engagement in the outings and activities you once enjoyed without the excuses, embarrassment or shame.

3 Reasons Why
This Course May Be For You


You are experiencing episodes of high anxiety or panic.

Nothing is worse than feeling like you cannot trust your own body. The fear of high anxiety and panic symptoms can cause significant suffering that negatively impacts your quality of life, including your work, mobility, activities, and relationships.



You are concerned that the bodily sensations you feel are harmful or dangerous.

 High Anxiety and panic can produce bodily symptoms like a rapid heartbeat, palpitations, difficulty breathing, throat sensations, dizziness, nausea, sweating, hot and cold flashes, feelings of unreality, and more. In addition, catastrophic thoughts and misinterpretations that these symptoms are dangerous create more fear, prolonging these symptoms.



You avoid activities, travel and situations that cause you anxiety.

Untreated panic disorder and high anxiety can significantly shrink your life and rob you of your joy, peace of mind, and even shared experiences with your loved ones. As a result, you may find yourself avoiding activities that you used to love, like traveling, socializing, attending concerts, shopping, or other events where you fear a loss of control.



"What's the Difference Between One-on-One Sessions and On-Demand Video Sessions?"

I designed this course to feel like you are having personal therapy with me. While most people may at first wish to work with me one-on-one, they quickly learn just how effective the course is at guiding them through techniques aimed at reducing their symptoms of panic and high anxiety. Online courses allow a wonderful environment to learn therapy tools and skills in an organized process and cost much less than in-person therapy. I created this course due to a shortage of specialized therapists. And you deserve evidence-based, effective treatment to recover from panic disorder and regain your peace of mind.






Therapy Techniques Based on Neuroscience Research

Evidence-Based Therapy Tools and Techniques

Learn therapy techniques from CBT, ACT, ERP, Mindfulness Based Therapies, and Inhibitory Learning Models.

Based on Neuroscience Research

Learn how to override your fear associations by creating new neuropathways of safety learning in your brain.

Gold-Standard for Panic Disorder Treatment

Learn treatment methods like interoceptive exposure and sensitivity reduction techniques to retrain your brain.

The Proven 3-Step Process
for Recovery from Panic Disorder

Panic disorder causes debilitating suffering, persistent worry, physical sensations and body vigilance that impacts almost every area of your life. In this course, I will guide you through a process of recovery so that you can get back to living and enjoying your life.


Education: Understanding Panic so that YOU have the Upper Hand

Understanding what happens during anxiety episodes and panic attacks is essential to the success of your recovery. Here you will learn what panic is, why you have it, common misunderstandings about panic attacks and how to break the panic cycle. These educational lessons will prepare you for successful self-help treatment and the recovery process.


What's Happening Now? What Scares You? What Calms You?

Before you can begin the process of change, you will examine your own panic and anxiety triggers and your response to those situations or physical sensations. What do you do to calm down or feel safe when you feel anxiety or panic symptoms coming on? I will guide you on how to identify those behaviors with easy-to-follow worksheets. By identifying your behavior patterns, you will create the foundation for your personal recovery plan so that you can get back to engaging and enjoying your life again.


What to Do When Panic Strikes

In step one in the process of recovery, you will learn how to float or surf through high anxiety or panic symptoms while sending the right safety messages to your brain ensuring that panic is not reinforced or prolonged unnecessarily. This will be key to increasing your tolerance of panic symptoms and unlocking your freedom.


Learn to Face the Fear of Bodily Sensations Through Interoceptive Sensitivity Reduction Training

In Step 2, you will learn how to practice interoceptive sensitivity reduction exercises. You will discover which exercises are important for your recovery along with how to practice them. These exercises are designed to reduce your sensitivity to bodily symptoms and sensations caused by anxiety and to increase your ability to tolerate those symptoms. This is the recommended method of treatment for panic disorder by anxiety experts and specialists.


Learning to Face Fear in Real-Life Activities and Situations

In Step 3, you will learn to take your new ability to tolerate anxiety and panic symptoms and practice those skills in real-life activities and situations. You may go at your own pace here, yet there are specific rules of practice to ensure your success. This step includes building your confidence to face and tolerate anxiety symptoms anywhere they may show up.


You Are the Boss Now:
Moving Forward with a Plan

In the course's final module, you will learn how to maintain your gains and recover from panic disorder. This course can change your life dramatically and positively, and it becomes essential to understand how to keep the habits that formed your recovery.


Kind Words

"Words of appreciation and thanks are not enough"


“My racing heart is what terrified me the most. I had severe panic attacks for over 23 years before I took this course. I had tried therapy before, but this was the first time I learned interoceptive sensitivity reduction exercises or learned how to move through panic symptoms. I can hardly believe that I just moved and started a new job. Words of appreciation and thanks are not enough! If you have panic attacks, take this course!"

~ Lianne T.

"My kids feel like they got their mom back"


“I feel like I just got out of panic attack prison. I am so happy that I can finally go on a trip with my family instead of making a million excuses why I couldn’t go. My kids feel like they got their mom back. Thank you so much. I am still working on my progress but have really come a long way."

~ Kristen P.

"I am so happy that I can drive again"


“Your program honestly changed my life. I had no idea what to do and sometimes my panic cycles would last for hours at a time. I think my nervous system was shot after I quit drinking. Thank you for teaching me how to get better. I don’t hide in my house anymore. I am so happy that I can drive again. If I feel any anxiety at all, I know to go after it."

~ Mitch L.

Included with Your Course

Video & Audio Lessons

Progress Worksheets

Ability to Rewatch and Reuse Lessons When Needed

Yes, life-altering change is possible.

But you have to take action. 

You’ve had enough. You can’t seem to alter those panic attacks and high anxiety episodes filled with catastrophic thoughts and worries on your own. You fall back on the old, familiar avoidance patterns and reactions. If only there was a formula, a flow chart, a step-by-step plan. You’ve reached a critical level, ready to do anything; ready to do whatever it takes. Your journey of change is possible with a supportive guide. You will develop a trusting relationship with an experienced, compassionate therapist.

I am here to support you on your journey by applying the latest neuroscience brain research, proven to be key in the process of change along with replacing old thought and behavior patterns. Are you ready to do the work? A supportive, collaborative process involving creativity and science awaits you.

Panic Attacks Course

$197 USD

  • An easy to follow 3-STEP Proven Process to Recovery
  • Instruction from an anxiety specialist with 20 years of experience
  • Effective interoceptive exposures and sensitivity reduction training exercises and ERP used in real treatment
  • Easy to learn method of moving through episodes of high anxiety or panic
  • Easy to use, fillable PDF worksheets to track your progress
  • Video and audio lessons to download for easy, on the go listening
  • Easy to learn method of moving through episodes of anxiety or panic


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Panic Attacks
and Health Anxiety
Bundled Courses

$497 USD

Recommended treatments for bodily sensations caused by high anxiety and panic and chronic, obsessive health worries.


Frequently Asked Questions


More Kind Words


“I have been waiting for this course for my panic attacks. Paige has a way of explaining things that just click with me. I have had ZERO panic attacks since I finished the course. Wow. Amazing course!”


- Ed W.

“My daughter was diagnosed with panic disorder and agoraphobia. I couldn’t find a therapist that treated these conditions. After taking Paige’s course, she is now going to college, and going out with friends. She is still progressing but doing great!”


- Sylvia T.

"My main fears were having a heart attack and feeling my throat closing in when I would get anxious. I can’t tell you how many doctor appointments and ER visits I had. I used the sensitivity reduction exercises and noticed an improvement in my first 2 weeks. I highly recommend Paige’s course to everyone with anxiety symptoms."


- Devin S.

"I have so much appreciation for this course and for Paige’s teachings. This course was a game-changer for me. I used to panic whenever my heart rate went up, even in my sleep. I raise my heart rate on purpose every day now. No panic whatsoever. Thank you so much!"


- Adrianne M.

"I was diagnosed with PTSD and panic disorder. Taking Paige’s course has changed my life so dramatically. I flew to my son’s wedding across the country by myself. I could not even imagine doing that before I took this course. Next stop, Hawaii!"


- Marion M.

Are you suffering from panic attacks or bodily symptoms caused by high anxiety?

Are you experiencing high anxiety and bodily sensations that concern you? Take this free quiz to see if you might be suffering from Panic Disorder along with how to overcome it.