A Step-by-Step Process to Retrain Your Brain, Recover From Agoraphobia and Live Free

Are you feeling trapped? Are you avoiding activities outside of your comfort zone, gripped by fears of dizziness, breathlessness, panic, driving, travel, or being alone? This course is your roadmap to reclaiming freedom beyond your safe zones. It's not merely about recovery; it's about rebuilding confidence, expanding your world and learning to thrive. Join me in this transformative experience and let's turn your dreams into reality.

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Embrace Life
Beyond Fear:

Overcome Agoraphobia and Rediscover Freedom

If the fear of leaving your safe spaces or the thought of specific situations triggers anxiety, know that you're not alone in your struggle with agoraphobia. Whether it's outdoor activities, driving on the expressway, eating in a restaurant, being alone, or the fear of losing control, agoraphobia shows up in many forms and can shrink your world. In this course, Paige Pradko uses her specialized expertise and 20 years of clinical experience to guide your through recovery.

You deserve a life beyond the constraints of agoraphobia.


Upon Course Completion,
Unlock the Power to...

  • Confidence in Movement: Overcome the fear of feeling trapped or unable to escape, empowering yourself to navigate the world with newfound confidence.
  • Freedom from Isolation: Conquer the fear of being alone, break free from the shackles of isolation, and rediscover the joy of social activities and connection.
  • Assurance in Managing Symptoms: Gain tools to cope with symptoms like dizziness, breathing difficulties, heart palpitations, dpdr or panic, providing a sense of control.
  • Fearless Travel and Exploration: Conquer the fear of using public transportation, traveling, and venturing beyond your safe zones, unlocking the possibilities of exploration and adventure.
  • Reclaiming Social Enjoyment: Overcome anxieties related to public places - whether it's dining in restaurants, attending movies, concerts or social events, rediscover the joy of shared experiences.

3 Reasons Why
This Course May Be
For You


You Fear Leaving Your Safe Places

It's common to have some worries, but when the fear of leaving your safe zones takes a toll on your daily life and restricts your activities or relationships, it's time for a change.



You Monitor Your
Body Symptoms

Agoraphobia often involves relentless monitoring of symptoms, from heart rate to breathing, mimicking the patterns seen in health anxiety. Break free from this cycle and regain control over your well-being.



Your World is Shrinking

Agoraphobia can lead to a shrinking world as you avoid activities and places you once enjoyed. This course guides you to expand your horizons, overcoming the impact of fear on your quality of life and relationships.



"Why Choose On-Demand Video Learning Over
One-on-One Therapy?"

This course is crafted to feel like a personalized therapeutic experience, like having one-on-one sessions with me. Many find the added benefit of being able to replay lessons benefits their recovery from agoraphobia. Opting for online programs offers a conducive learning environment, presenting therapy tools and skills in an organized manner, all while being a more cost-effective alternative to in-person therapy. Fueled by my commitment to bridge the gap in specialized agoraphobia therapy, this course ensures you receive evidence-based, effective treatment, guiding you toward recovery and restoring your peace of mind.






Expand Your World by Joining
Power Over Agoraphobia

Unlock These Essential Skills and Expert Guidance
for Every Challenge

  • Master the 3-Step Power-Up Process: Strategically plan and practice exposures for effective recovery.

  • Navigate Real-Life Situations: Turn everyday scenarios into powerful exposure opportunities.

  • Float Through Panic Attacks: Skillfully move through panic and manage heightened anxiety.

  • Expand Safe Zones: Gradually broaden your comfort zone, step-by-step.

  • Overcome Being Alone: Conquer the Discomfort of being alone with confidence.

  • Conquer Driving Challenges: Tackle diverse driving environments fearlessly.

  • Thriving in Travel: Overcome fears of public transportation, vacations and exploring new places.

  • Savor Dining Out: Triumph over agoraphobia’s impact on restaurant experiences.

  • Enjoy Social Events: Conquer fears related to movies, concerns, and more.

  • Triumph Over Loss of Control and Embarrassment Fears: Rise above the fear of losing control or feeling embarrassed in public.

  • Conquer Specific Phobias: Address emetophobia and the fear of loss of bladder or bowel control.

  • Tackle Tough Panic Symptoms: Overcome fears tied to panic symptoms like derealization, depersonalization, cardiophobia, and breathing difficulties.

  • Conquer Dizziness: Successfully overcome the fear of fainting and dizziness.

  • Explore the role of Medications: Gain insights into medication’s role in agoraphobia treatment.

  • Sustain Your Progress: Learn strategies to maintain and build upon your journey to recovery.

Therapy Techniques
Based on Neuroscience Research

Evidence-Based Therapy Tools and Techniques

Learn therapy techniques from CBT, ACT and ERP to retrain your brain.

Build New Neuropathways

Learn how to override your fear by creating new neural networks of safety.

Gold-Standard for Agoraphobia Treatment

Learn Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and Inhibitory Learning Enhancements

Unlocking Recovery:
Using the 3-Step Power Up Process

Begin your recovery using the 3-Step Power Up Process, based on the latest neuroscience research to create tailored blueprints for conquering fears and phobias.


Create Your Individual Phobia Plan

Create a personalized phobia plan that becomes your strategic guide. Dive into identifying specific fears and triggers, laying the groundwork for targeted exposure work. This initial step ensures your journey is not only purposeful but uniquely crafted to address your distinct challenges, setting the stage for transformative progress.


Weekly Exposure Planning

Strategically plan exposures for the week, tuning ordinary situations into powerful opportunities for desensitization. Break free from the chains of avoidance by implementing exposure strategies that gradually build resilience. This step provides a roadmap to confront fears head-on, promoting a sense of control and mastery over anxiety-inducing scenarios.


Track Individual Exposures

Monitor and record the details of each exposure, creating a comprehensive record of your progress. Understand the power of documenting your journey as it fuels motivation and showcases tangible advancements. Embrace the mindset of tolerating symptoms, fostering resilience and success in each exposure. This step ensures you not only conquer fears but also store the exposures into long-term memory and celebrate the milestones that mark your victorious path to recovery.

Transform Any Fear or Phobia with the
Power Up Process

Embrace the transformative "Power Up Process," drawing inspiration from the energizing process of the Power Rangers. This journey empowers you to face fears and anxieties with strength, providing valuable insights into what to do during exposures, how to handle panic, and the crucial lessons of self-talk and optimizing exposure experiences. Your tailored blueprint awaits to guide you through the process of conquering agoraphobia with confidence and resilience.


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Join my WarmHeart Hub membership to gain access to exclusive benefits, including the opportunity to Ask Paige a Question, engage with a supportive community and access ongoing resources tailored to support your progress—free for 30 days.

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Kind Words

"...doing things that were unimaginable a few years ago"


“I was diagnosed with panic disorder at 17 and had severe dpdr symptoms and dizziness whenever I tried to leave my house. I not only leave my house now but meet up with friends and drive through town. I'm doing things that were unimaginable a few years ago. Off of anxiety medications now. I feel wonderful and am still making progress.”

~ Kara N.

"What sets Paige's course apart is her holistic approach"


“What sets Paige's course apart is her holistic approach. She not only walks you through how to do exposures but how to resolve all of the other symptoms like cardiophobia and hyperventilating that I deal with too. Paige has a compassionate way that encouraged me to keep going. Her course absolutely changed my life.”

~ Andre W.

"I am driving on expressways again and I booked a flight to Italy"


“My agoraphobia began with a really bad panic attack on the expressway. But then, it seemed to spread to all driving, travel and being away from home. What I love about Paige's course is that she gives you the tools and a simple process that I can use on any fear. I am driving on expressways again and I booked a flight to Italy for this Spring.”

~ Ana P.

"Took on a New Job
and Just Relocated"


“Anxiety hit me relentlessly, 24/7, and I could barely function. After taking the Agoraphobia course and the Panic course I not only reclaimed myself but took on a new job and just relocated to Florida. Gratitude goes beyond words.”

~ Taylor W.

"I Feel Like
Myself Again"


“I was trapped in my own prison, basically afraid of doing anything that made me feel anxious. I avoided everything and everyone and even avoided certain foods. But, I trusted the process and followed Paige's program. I am still working at it but I feel like myself again.”

~ Ryan S.

"Never Found the Help I Needed Until I Took This Course"


“My first panic attack struck on my son's second birthday, leading to 16 more years of anxiety and agoraphobia. I tried other therapists but never found the help I needed until I took this course. I am now driving and am so thankful that I will be able to attend my son's graduation this year. I am not going to miss those big events anymore.”

~ Brittany P.

with Your Course

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Yes, life-altering change is waiting for you...

But you must take action. 

You’ve had enough. You're exhausted and tired of not seeing results. You try...you slip back...you can't seem to make lasting progress. You fall back on the old, familiar patterns and reactions. If only there was a formula, a flow chart, a step-by-step plan. You’ve reached a critical level, and now you are ready to do anything; ready to do whatever it takes. Your journey of change is possible with a road map and an expert, supportive guide who understands the intricacies and complexities of agoraphobia.

I am here to support you through your journey incorporating the latest neuroscience research proven effective in reshaping entrenched thought and behavior patterns. Are you ready to take the plunge? A lifeline to your freedom from agoraphobia awaits you.

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  • Instruction from an expert with 20 years of experience treating people with Panic and Agoraphobia
  • Effective exposure instruction and examples used in real treatment
  • Easy to use, fillable PDF worksheets to track your progress
  • Video and audio lessons to download for easy, on the go listening
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More Kind Words


"If you’re battling agoraphobia, Paige’s course is the best I have come across. Knowing what to do in those panic moments and exactly what to say and do during exposures has helped me the most. I am getting there…one step at a time."


- Ryan J. -

Paige’s guidance on dealing with the fear of losing control and cardiophobia were game changers for me. I am back to full workouts and feeling great.


- Nick E. -

"What stood out for me in the course was the emphasis on tolerating anxiety, and not just reducing it. Learning to embrace and navigate my symptoms was a crucial turning point in my recovery.


- Olivia P. -

Not only was the course well organized, thorough and easy to follow, I also appreciate how Paige makes herself available to answer any questions and give support along the way. I have taken other courses from Paige because of her expertise and added support.


- Lauren W. -

I feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful resource for people with agoraphobia. I am back to driving in traffic and through tunnels and walking Zippers, my dog. We both can’t thank you enough.


- Haley S. -

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Are you missing out on life and feeling trapped by anxiety and agoraphobia?

Do you face heightened anxiety and physical sensations that lead to distress when facing phobic situations? Take this free quiz to see if you might be suffering from Agoraphobia - and uncover the key strategies to conquer it and regain your freedom.